Montreaux - Without doubt one of the most musically creative and dynamic bands to come out of the West Midlands. With their unique blend of heavy, melodic rock, and live performances without equal.

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Biography 1981-1984

Montreaux is a Wolverhampton based heavy rock band that was formed in 1981. The band was created by keyboard player Patrick Hatfield formally of Mafia, drummer Andy Harper formally of the Mick Hill Band and bassist Paul Hodson formally of Sabre and Hideaway! The line up was completed by the addition of Mario Janowski formerly of Tall Story and vocalist Rob Byrne who had played in various local bands in the Wolverhampton area. The band rehearsed original material and were ready to go on the road! Montreaux quickly became an active band in the local area, gaining a sizeable following through residencies at the Gifford Arms, The Queens Hotel, the Bushbury Arms and Archie’s Night Club and played at many more local venues! As they became more popular they appeared at the world famous Marquee Club supporting Stray, Birmingham’s Barrel Organ Pub and also a filmed performance at the Regal Theatre, Hitchen where they appeared with Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs! They made several demos and a recording of a live performance at the Wolverhampton University where they supported prog rockers Pallas was made! They always received positive feedback and support from the local press and their loyal fans! A fine live act, though sadly fame and fortune alluded them and they finally split in April 1984! Or did they?

A New Chapter Begins

It was April 2018 and original Montreaux frontman Rob Byrne received a message from the amazing Zygmunt Jot enquiring about the band, he explained he was putting together an encyclopedia to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (Nwobhm) He was sent a band biography, Discography and a couple of demo tracks. This opened up a brave new world with the demos being forwarded to the wonderful George Arvanitakis the owner of ONR records (could this be a dream come true?) who loved the tracks and released a Montreaux album from demos and live recordings as a limited edition of 500 CDs. The album was a huge success, selling out in three days plus huge amounts of views of the opening track "Flashlights" on Youtube gave Montreaux a new beginning!

What now?

After receiving excellent reviews for their debut album the five original members of Montreaux are looking forward to the future and currently writing and rehearsing new material for their follow up album! What about live performances? Well the band have made lifelong friends with Brian and Claire Mear who are the most amazing people and the organisers of MEARFEST! Please take look at the Mearfest website it will inspire and move you to become part of the Meafest family! We have the honour of playing our first set for 35 years next June at Mearfest!

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